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National History Day - Parents

  • Thank you for supporting your student as they research and analyze history. Find information about National History Day and how to help your student in this process.



The program: National History Day is more than just a day; it is an academic enrichment program for 6th-12th graders. Kids all across the country (and world) create NHD projects.

The project: Students can research any type of history and create a project. Encourage them to:

  • Choose whatever kind of history they are interested in: sports, war, music, cultural, environmental, political, etc.
  • Pick how they want to show their information: exhibit, website, documentary, paper, or performance.

The competition: Competing is optional. If your student decides to compete, there are different levels of competition.

  • School level (optional): if your child’s whole grade level or class participates, the teacher may host an afterschool event to pick which projects advance.
  • Regional level: Wisconsin hosts regional events based on county. Email us to ask where your student’s regional is located.
  • State level: Each regional sends the top 3 entries in each category to compete at the University of Wisconsin—Madison. This contest is always in early to mid April.
  • National level: The top winners from every state (and some countries) compete at the University of Maryland campus.

Please Note: Website and paper projects are submitted earlier than other projects because proper judging of these categories requires advanced viewing.


My student(s) told me a little, I want to learn more:

Explore this website and the National website to learn about the history of the program, how NHD works, and what other states are doing!

I want to support my student! When and where do I need to be?

  • Ask your student’s teacher about how they determine who moves on to the Regional competition.
  • Find out where your regional competition is located.
  • Learn more about the state contest.
  • Browse the National website for examples, resources and program information here.

How can I help my child?

  • Remember this is their project.
  • Encourage their creative side.
  • Ask why they chose their topic.
  • Take them to a local library.
  • Ask them to tell you more about their project (the best way to check if they know something is if they can teach other people).

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