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Peshtigo Fire

Date: November 25 1871
Description: Engraved view of Peshtigo Fire showing people trying to escape the flames by boat and on horseback. A team of cattle also seek refuge and several birds tak...

Driving Hogs Through Town

Description: Bill Payne driving a herd of large hogs through town on Main Street, possibly on the way to Adam Best's Butcher's Shop. Storefronts identified, from left t...

County Agent Demonstrating Methods of Judging Swine

Date: 1928
Description: Sitting on pig pen fence, a county agent is demonstrating methods of judging swine to a local Boys & Girls club youth.

Hog Butchering

Date: 1921
Description: Man butchering a hog, which is hanging on a meat hook.

Man Dressing Butchered Pigs

Description: Man in boots and a hard hat dresses butchered pigs on meat hooks.

Nikita Khrushchev Visits Iowa Farm

Date: 1959
Description: Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev inspecting hogs on a farm. Khrushchev is accompanied by Roswell "Bob" Garst and Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge.

Corralled Hogs

Date: July 16 1987
Description: Four boys trap hogs to get them into their stalls at the Waukesha County Fair.

Pig Freight Car on the Soo Line

Date: 1917
Description: Group of people standing in front of a Soo Line freight car that was used by the railroad to promote hog transportation. This photograph was donated to the...

Wisconsin Farm

Date: 1873
Description: Three people are posing in the foreground, with a man with a long beard standing in front of two women sitting in a horse-drawn carriage. There is a barn a...

Large Boar

Description: Large boar standing in a pig pen.

Newly-built Farmhouse

Description: A man standing on a hill with his back to the camera surveys newly-built farm buildings and a large frame house with symmetrical features. Fencing runs thr...

Strolling Hog

Date: 1947
Description: Boys, in background, watching as a pig, in the foreground, is taking a stroll around the Wisconsin State Fairgrounds.

Hog showing at the Wisconsin State Fair

Description: A crowd watches as boys try to steer their pigs with canes during judging in a pen at the Wisconsin State Fair.

Family in Carriages with Barn

Date: 1878
Description: Barnyard, with what appears to be a pigyard littered with corncobs. It is enclosed with a solid board fence and has slop troughs made from hollowed logs. A...

Farmer with Elaborate Fencing and Farmyard

Date: 1873
Description: A farmer with a long beard and wearing a hat is standing in the foreground in front of a board fence, which is part of an elaborate system of fencing surro...

Carcajou Pasteur

Date: 1920
Description: View of a rocky pasture with some small, distant farm buildings, and a few farm animals grazing.

Jones' Little Pig Sasauge Factory

Date: 1910
Description: View of Jones' sausage factory with train car.

East Side Residence of A.A. Arnold

Date: 1877
Description: View of cattle, sheep, and pigs in a pasture on farm. Two houses are visible in the distance, with a horse-drawn carriage on the road. East side residence...

Residence of Mr. Martin Lutscher

Date: 1875
Description: Seifert's watercolor is fairly large, measuring 27" wide by 21" high, and provides a detailed depiction of a nineteenth century Wisconsin farm. The small s...

Girls Feeding Pigs

Description: Three young women feed the pigs on a Portage County farm, a livestock project under the direction of an agricultural extension representative. The caption...

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