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Date: August 24 1975
Description: Decorative chimney atop a house at 20 East Gilman Street.

Wisconsin State Capitol Lion Head

Date: July 16 1972
Description: Metal lion head decoration seen at various entrances of the Wisconsin State Capitol.

Lake Mendota Pier

Date: August 01 1976
Description: A pier with high posts in Lake Mendota off Maple Bluff.

Classical Tiled Porch

Date: July 27 1975
Description: Classical and Mediterranean design elements are seen in this porch on an apartment building at 29 Langdon Street. Doric columns support an arched entrance.

Ornamental Glass Window

Date: September 23 1973
Description: An ornamental glass window in a building at 308 North Pinckney Street.

Square House

Date: September 22 1974
Description: Square-designed house at 3692 Lake Mendota Drive.

Capitol Theatre Corner Decoration

Date: September 08 1974
Description: Elaborate carved ornamentation decorates this corner of the Capitol Theatre at 213 State Street.

House on State Street

Date: September 21 1975
Description: Built in 1907, this house at 534 State Street featured Doric columns and a corner tower.

Goddess of Law Sculpture

Date: July 25 1971
Description: The metal sculpture entitled "Goddess of Law" which is seen on the exterior of the State Bar Association Office at 402 West Wilson Street.

Storage Building at Forest Hill Cemetery

Date: October 06 1974
Description: Formerly a receiving vault, this storage building at Forest Hill Cemetery features cathedral Gothic design elements.

Concrete Castle

Date: May 24 1970
Description: Unusual concrete play castle at Brittingham Park. This functional art was built by Paul Duesler with materials supplied by the Madison Jaycees.

Pediment over Window

Date: November 10 1974
Description: A "broken" pediment over a window on a Madison building. This style is typical of pediments developed in the baroque period.

West High School Patio

Date: October 24 1971
Description: Receded recreational patio at West High School.

Penn Park Shelter

Date: February 27 1972
Description: Penn Park shelter house, 2101 Fisher Street, near the Dane County Coliseum.

Master Hall

Date: March 03 1974
Description: Exterior view of Master Hall at 415 West Gilman Street.

Arched Gable

Date: August 04 1974
Description: An arched gable on a house at 1603 Jefferson Street.

El Esplanade Wall

Date: March 02 1975
Description: Brick wall and cornice on exterior of El Esplanade at 122 State Street.

Tenney Park Bridge

Date: July 05 1975
Description: The Tenney Park Bridge over the Yahara River.

Lombardino's Lamp

Date: July 13 1975
Description: A decorative lamp on the outside of Lombardino's restaurant located at 2500 University Avenue.

Madison Water Utilities Building Wall

Date: August 17 1975
Description: Wall of the Madison Water Utilities building at 311 North Hancock Street featuring details known as crenels and merlons.

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