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Celebrating the End of Prohibition

Date: April 07 1933
Description: Overhead view of bar and crowd in Fauerbach Brewing Co. tavern at 651 Williamson Street, celebrating the end of Prohibition.

Revelers Celebrating the End of Prohibition

Date: 1933
Description: Men and women celebrating the end of Prohibition, around a table with bottles of various alcoholic beverages. They are holding a sign that reads: "In Compl...

Governor Philipp Signing the Dry Amendment

Date: January 17 1919
Description: Governor Emmanuel Philipp ratifying the 18th Amendment which made Prohibition law. From left to right: Executive Messenger, Samuel Banks; Senator George B....

Newspaper Speakeasy

Description: A keg of Prohibition Era beer in the darkroom of the "Milwaukee Sentinel" being enjoyed by newspapermen: (left to right) Red Thisted, Eddie Oroth, Guy Hels...

Prohibition vs. License

Date: 1884
Description: Two drawings illustrating a hyperbolic comparison between a society which permits drinking of alcoholic beverages and one that does not.

Krueger House — Exterior

Date: 2004
Description: This old house is on the Krueger property. Lore has it that they made moonshine here during prohibition.

Schlitz Train Celebrating End of Prohibition

Date: April 07 1933
Description: Schlitz train and group of revelers, celebrating the end of prohibition in Milwaukee. Schlitz Engine #8027 departs to deliver the first Schlitz beer at 12:...

"The Sniper" Political Cartoon

Date: 1928
Description: A cartoon created during the 1928 presidential campaign depicting bigotry displayed against Democratic candidate Al Smith. "The Sniper" is depicted as a ma...

Northwest Airways Special Delivery

Date: April 07 1933
Description: In an obvious publicity stunt, a Northwest Airways pilot delivers the first case of post-Prohibition Atlas Beer to Madison distributor Ira Chambers. The sh...

Men with Bottles and Gun

Date: 1924
Description: Two men standing in front of two cars, one pointing a handgun at the ground and the other looking at the camera. Each man is holding a bottle, possibly ful...

Publicity Still of Viola Dana and Bert Lytell

Date: 1920
Description: The silent film actors Viola Dana and Bert Lytell, wearing costumes for different productions, knock their coffee cups together in a toast that is apparent...

Corben Christening

Date: August 12 1932
Description: RKO motion picture actress Raquel Torres christening the new model airplane manufactured in Madison by Orland Corben. Corben had flown the airplane that br...

Governor Schmedeman Signs the Beer Bill

Date: June 02 1933
Description: Governor Albert G. Schmedeman signing the Beer Bill with 14 men observing.

Jenny Justo Saying Goodbye to Her Dog

Date: May 15 1933
Description: Jenny Justo, 921 Spring Street, saying goodbye to her dog before leaving for a year in the Milwaukee jail.

Jennie and Lena Justo

Date: May 15 1933
Description: Jennie Justo of 921 Spring Street in the Greenbush, wearing a hat, says goodbye to her mother, Lena Justo, as she leaves for a year in the Milwaukee jail.

Jennie Justo

Date: May 15 1933
Description: Jennie Justo with hat in hand, is embraced by her mother, Lena Justo, as she leaves for a year in the Milwaukee jail for being the alleged owner of a stude...

Very Tall Door in Old Ice House

Date: May 09 1976
Description: An unusually tall door (actually a stack of smaller doors) in the Brechheimer Brewing Company ice house building next to 132 East Wilson Street. In 1976 it...

Delegates to 18th Amendment Repeal Convention

Date: April 25 1933
Description: Group portrait of delegates to the 18th amendment repeal convention. Text on back of print reads: "Delegation to the Convention for Ratification of the 21s...

Placing Order for First Legal Beer

Date: March 15 1933
Description: Donald Huseby, office manager of the Fauerbach Brewery, receiving from Herman Lochner, police reporter for the "Capital Times," an order for the first case...

Fauerbach Tank Room

Date: April 03 1933
Description: Four men are standing in the tank room at Fauerbach Brewing Co. One of the men is turning a valve. The photograph was taken to mark the modification of the...

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