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Madison Central High School Student Council Election

Date: April 29 1952
Description: Election committee chairman of the Central High School Student Council election, Dave Thurman is shown at the left explaining the rules of the election to...

Barton in Crowd during Election Campaign

Date: 1940
Description: Bruce Barton in a large crowd during his 1940 campaign for election to the U.S. Senate.

Television Broadcast of Election Returns

Date: November 02 1948
Description: WENR in Chicago broadcasts the first live national television presidential election returns when Truman upset Dewey.

Election Board

Date: September 1925
Description: The Clear Lake election board inside the town hall.

Voters at National Election

Date: October 02 1948
Description: Madison citizens in Washington School gymnasium, waiting to vote at the national election.

Campaign Headquarters for the Primary Election

Date: September 1924
Description: Several men and children pose outside the La Follette-Wheeler-Blaine-Schneider campaign headquarters before the primary election.

Charles E. Broughton Delivering Election Returns

Date: November 08 1932
Description: Charles E. Broughton delivering election returns over WHBL.

Election Booths and Volunteers

Description: Elevated view of a gymnasium that has been converted into a place where citizens can vote on election day.

Men with Election Ballot Boxes

Description: Clerk E.J. Walden, Secretary John S. Donald and Assistant Secretary L.B. Nagler pose with three wooden boxes full of election ballots in the Secretary of S...

John J. Finley at Election Rally

Description: John J. Finley, a candidate for Alderman in the 14th ward (Chattanooga?) addressing an election rally of 2,000 "Wilson Workers".

Village Election

Date: 1974
Description: "Gordon Neitzel keeps tabs on a village election."

Hasn't Missed an Election

Date: November 08 1966
Description: An older woman and a younger woman talking in front of a voting machine. Caption reads: "HASN'T MISSED AN ELECTION — Mrs. Mary Sturm, 71, of 820 E. Ogden a...

Election Night at the Wisconsin State Journal

Date: November 03 1964
Description: The night staff of the Wisconsin State Journal on election night.

McCarthy Signing Autographs

Date: November 1952
Description: Senator Joseph R. McCarthy of Wisconsin, signing autographs during his 1952 re-election campaign

Election Party

Date: November 08 1932
Description: Election party at St. Andrew's church. Shows people playing a card game at a table, and onlookers standing nearby.

Proxmire Campaigns for Reelection

Date: February 1958
Description: Elected to the Senate in a special election in September 1957, to fill the unexpired term of Senator Joe McCarthy, William Proxmire was forced to begin a c...

Local-Option Election

Date: February 1908
Description: A view of the crowds at an election. The crowd, mostly women, stand in front of the post office. A sign says "God Made the Water." Printed in the bottom...

Notice of Membership

Description: A blank notice of election as a member of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters.

Spring Election 1961

Date: April 04 1961
Description: "We Saw You Performing Civic Duty" at Midvale School. A voter is shown studying a sample ballot at the 1961 spring election.


Date: April 12 1960
Description: In a recount that lasted almost four hours, the tide turned in favor of Alderman John Budzien, who apparently had lost last Tuesday's election to Robert A....

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