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NHD - Madison Regional Contest | Wisconsin Historical Society

Madison Regional Contest Information

  • Contest information for the Madison regional contest, including accessibility, schedule, and project submission.


2021 Madison Contest Results


Junior Individual Exhibit

Julia Child: Communicating Authenticity - Liza K.

The Meaning of Blue: From Royal Robes to Blue Jeans - Timon C.

Chaplin’s Communication,The Comedian’s Warning to the World - Hailey C.

Alternate: Communication and Context: How Hans Christian Andersen's Original Message Has Changed Over Time - Madeline B.

Junior Papers

Translation as Communication: Baghdad and Al-Andalus in the Middle Ages - Andrey S.

Emmett Till: Honoring the Dead and Communicating the Need for Justice - Isabel O.

The Marseilles Bubonic Plague Outbreak of 1720: The Effects of Communication on the Spread of Disease - Wyatt W.

Alternate: The Clear Communication and Deadly Propaganda of Masks During the 1918 Spanish Influenza Pandemic - Emily G.

Junior Individual Documentary

Sending A Message: How Postcards Communicated Terror to a Race of Americans - Krin B.

The Voynich Manuscript: History's Most Mysterious Book - Dinghan G.

DNA: Communication Inside the Body - Eli O.

Alternate: Koko the Gorilla - Romeo R.

Junior Group Documentary

Attack on Pearl Harbor: Miscommunication Leads to Casualties - Andrea Y. and Isaac Y.

Alan Turing and the Enigma Machine - Jayden R., and Ezra R.

Junior Individual Performance

Dickey Chapelle: Communicating the Truth of War and the Challenges of Being a Female War Correspondent - Emma M.

Confederate Communication How the Lost Cause Changed the Communication About the Civil War - Syd L.

The Unbreakable Code - Caleb E.

Alternate: The Power of a Single Song - Camila G.

Junior Group Performance

Nellie Bly: Communicating Through Words and Actions to Change the Future for Women - Alexandra G. and Rowan S.

Oleomargarine Wars: Wisconsin Dairy Producers Speak Out against the "Demon Spread" - Grace H., Leah H., and Anna L.

Junior Individual Website

How Samuel Morse's Telegraph Changed Communication - Anshika A.

Breaking Enigma and Reinventing Communication for the Future - Zoha A.

Kashariyot​​​​​​​: Communicating Through Ghettos - Lilah H.

Alternate: The Miscommunication That Lead to the U.S Dropping the Atomic Bomb - Olivia T.

Junior Group Website

Maria Montessori: Communicating with Children Across the World - Isabella B. and Addie T.

The 1960 Winter Olympics in California: Television Changes the Olympics - Whitney C. and Frankie J.

Nazi Propaganda - Logan B., William O., and Jackson P.

Alternate: The Transcontinental Railroad: Connecting America - Max J. and Hayden N.



Senior Individual Exhibits

How Lincoln used the telegraph to win the Civil War - Samuel S.

Senior Papers

Smoke Signals: The Impact of the 1964 Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking and Health - Robert I.

The Bennett Law: Republican Rhetoric and The Shift in Wisconsin Politics - Andrew G.

George Wallace: Communicating Political Change - Alan K.

Senior Group Documentary

The Telegraph; Decoding an Idea - Raphael E., Cole J., and Joey K.

Senior Individual Performance

Feminism during the Cold War: Communication Between Youth and Between Nations - Anna M.

Senior Group Website
"The Day the Mail Stopped:" The 1970 Postal Strike - Aidan D. and Simon K. *Special Award* American Labor History Award