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NHD - Eau Claire Regional Contest | Wisconsin Historical Society

Eau Claire Regional Contest Information

  • Contest information for the Eau Claire regional contest, including accessibility, schedule, and project submission.


2021 Contest Results


Junior Individual Exhibit

The Titanic - Madison D.

Women's Suffrage Parade 1913 - Lucy Z.

Defending the Document to the Public - Reese B.

Alternate: The Life With Radium - Natalie L.

Junior Group Exhibit

Plains Indian Sign Language - Ryan S. and Macy T.

Seeking Suffrage - Anna C. and Carley H.

Temple Grandin - Stella K. and Sara G.

Alternate: Virginia Hall - Amelia F. and Lindsey S.

Junior Individual Documentary

Opening Lines of Communication: Railroads in Western Wisconsin - Amalia D.

Navajo Code Talkers - Quin S.

Mediums of Recorded Sound -MacKenzy K.

Alternate: Ford, Ferrari, and Their Battle for the Win - Isaac K.

Junior Group Documentary

The Hormel Strike - Kalli B. and Lavinia K. *Special Award: American Labor History, presented by the Wisconsin Society for Labor History*

Printing Press - Ruby B. and Gabrielle F.

Junior Paper

Blocking communication: The Newsboys strike of 1899 - Jade P.

Catastrophic Communication - Madalyn O.

Communication in the Midnight Ride - Constance K.

Alternate: Magic Johnson and His Path Along the Way With HIV - Evan C.

Junior Individual Performance

Jan Handke and Freedom Summer - Charlotte S.

Junior Group Performance

Irena Sendler: Holocaust Hero - Kyndra P., Anna N., and Roella W.

Junior Individual Website

The Dust Bowl - Norah M.

Claude Chappe and the Optical Telegraph - Jaxson B.

Alan Turing - Sennett S.

Alternate: 1968 Olympic Power Protest - Dimitri S.

Junior Group Website

1992 L.A. Riots For Reform - Adeline L. and Emma F.

Politics and Religion: The Western Schism - Jerome D. and Westen C.

Taking A Stand By Taking A Stand - Kylie K. and Lola P.

Alternate: The Tornado that Made History - Hailey M. and Ciarrah L.


Senior Individual Exhibit

To Defy: The Vietnam War Protest Music - Jack W.

Vel Phillips: Key to Improving Housing - Madelyn D.

Communication During WW1 and WW2 - Shawn B.

Senior Group Exhibit

The Story of the Code: Navajo Code Talkers - Mable R. and Erica J.

President Wilson and the Carrier Pigeons - Emily B. and Haylee S.

Senior Individual Documentary

LO: The People Behind the First Communications in Cyberspace - Levi W.

The First Ever Written Language: a Brief Synopsis. - Mason G.

How Telephones Changed Communication in Rural Areas - Jillian A.

Senior Group Documentary

A Day in the Neighborhood - Jack T., Justin F., James L., and Cash N.

Easter Eggs in Gaming: The World of Communicating Between Developers and Players - Brady N. and Brett G.

The Unexpected Success of Night News - Anna W. and Tyler W.

Senior Paper

The American School for the Deaf - Abagail B.

Senior Group Performance

Communication During The Age of Imperialism - Nora H. and Katelyn D.

The Impact and Allegory of George Orwell's 'Animal Farm' - Maelee B., Max T., Oscar F., Elizabeth B., and Abigail B.

The History of Morse Code - Rowan E., Flint P., Ganel F.

Senior Individual Website

Secrets of the Asylum: Communicating the Stories of the Disenfranchised - Layla C.

Communication Error Costs Many Lives on The Titanic - Scarlett T.

Jeremiah A. Denton, Jr.: Communication Throughout Imprisonment - Trinity C.

Senior Group Website

The Phonetic Alphabet: Evolution Throughout History - Abriella, Anabel, Tiana

Corruption in St. Paul - Emma F., Marissa J., Delaney., and Bessie S.

Wu Zetian - Cora G. and Isabel G.