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NHD - Stevens Point Regional Contest | Wisconsin Historical Society

Stevens Point Regional Contest Information

  • Contest information for the Stevens Point regional contest, including accessibility, schedule, and project submission.


2021 Contest Results


Junior Individual Exhibit

The Pony Express: Fastest Mail in the West - Ava G.

Communication Challenges: Civil War Forms Expand To Present Day - Mia S.

Pony Express The Tie to Communication in the 1860s - Kendra M.

Alternate: Headstones The Last Words-A Grave Concern - Colby S.

Junior Group Exhibit

A Missed Opportunity - Ava L., Allison L., and Samantha N.

Junior Paper

The Battle of Communication During Ukrainian Holodomor, 1932-1933 - Svitlana C.

Failure to Communicate and Represent the Ideas of All Women: How the Second Wave Feminist Movement Excluded Most Groups of Women - Ola O.

The Long Road: How Alice Paul Determinedly Fought for Women's Rights - Aubrey B.

Alternate: The World Closed Off: How Helen Keller Communicated Despite Challenges - Tegan K.

Junior Individual Performance

Humanity's Worst Nuclear Disaster: The Lies and Hidden Truths Behind Chernobyl - Emma R.

Junior Individual Website

Communication and the Underground Railroad - Angela S.

History of Typewriters - Chet S.

Carved Communication into Rock: Rosetta Stone - Chloe M.

Alternate: Cultural Trade: The Silk Road - Emily B.


Senior Individual Exhibit

The Symbolism of Protest: Understanding a Message Through Suffrage White - Emily G.

Senior Group Exhibit

Dickey Chapelle "Through Her Lens" - Theresa M. and Carolyn S.

Senior Individual Documentary

The Navajo Code Talkers: The Communication System That Won WWll - Grace P.

POW Communication in the Vietnam War - Noah S.

Senior Group Documentary

Rejecting Russification: The Fight to Save the Lithuanian Language - Jennifer O. and Carson Z.

Senior Paper

Trials in Communication: United States Diplomacy in WW2 - Haley C.

Senior Individual Performance

The First Amendment and Tinker: Student Speech and Communication - Sandy B.