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NHD - Milwaukee North Regional Contest | Wisconsin Historical Society

Milwaukee North Regional Contest Information

  • Contest information for the Milwaukee North regional contest, including accessibility, schedule, and project submission.


2021 Contest Results


Individual Exhibit

1970s: Working Women and the Pantsuit - Tatiana M.

Telstar 1: The Start of Public Satellite - Aaron M.

The Tonight Show - Lauren M.

Alternate: A Lonely Speck In The Great Enveloping Cosmic Dark - Liam I.

Group Exhibit

America's Bloodiest Day: How Communication Played A Key Role At Antietam - Alex F., Miles G., and William R.

The Feminine Mystique; Communicating "The Problem With No Name" - Abby B. and Beckett S.

Disney Artists On Strike - Fiona H. and Adriana B. *Special Award* American Labor History Award

Alternate: Cracking the Enigma Code - Ryan B. and Noah R.


Fannie Farmer: Women Rising in Society Through Cooking - Eva B.

How Milton Friedman’s Doctrine Accelerated the Decline of America’s Historical Social Foundation - Keegan M.

More Than Just an Influence: Bolshevik Propaganda as Communication in the Russian Revolution and World War 1 - Tyler G.

Alternate: Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Her History with Feminism - Mackenzie P.

Individual Documentary

1960 First Presidential Debates - Riya K.

Thomas Gallaudet: Silently Communicating with the World - Anna M.

Nellie Bly: Uncovering the Horrors at Blackwell's Insane Asylum - Aubrey J.

Alternate: Comics and WWll: How Comics Affected Communication During the Second World War - M'Johno F.

Group Documentary

The Purple Pamphlet: The Key to Understanding the Johns Committee's Injustices and Its Impact on the LGBTQ Community - Emerson B. and Camilla M.

Voyager Golden Record: A Sign of our Past and Uncovering the Future - Kiran S., Charles V., and Alexander K.

"They're All Gone": Jim McKay's Terror Filled 1972 Broadcast - Bella G. and Sarah M.

Alternate: Paramount Records: The Key to Understanding Black History and the Foundation of American Music - Mia D. and Hannah L.

Group Performance

The Hello Girls of WWI: Saying "Goodbye" to Sexist Stereotypes and Unjust Military Recognition - Katherine W., Krista W., and Sophia T.

The Lost Stories of the French Resistance - Lily B. and Annie N.

The First Earth Day: Communicating Change - Annie N. and Hattie N.

Alternate: 1934 Little Bohemia Shootout Aftermath - Henry W., Brody G., Austin L., Drake S., and Deven Ball.

Individual Performance

Voters, Campaigns, Courts, and Media: The Detrimental Impact of Communication in the 2000 Election - Marcus J.

The Battle of Trenton: How Communication Contributed to the Victory that Changed the Course of History - Fred F.

Communicating Through Costume: The Bloomers - Laya S.

Alternate: Communication Aboard the Titanic: The Success and Failure - Lizzy T.

Individual Website

End of Dispatch: The Telegram that Changed the World - Sama D.

The Pony Express: Changing Our World Today - Ashlyn R.

The Failure of the American Press in the Reporting of the Holocaust - Leia S.

Alternate: The Most Dangerous of All Allied Spies: Virginia Hall - Amelia O.

Group Website

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Communicating Civil Rights On and Off the Court - Hayden B. and Dermot O.

Cracking Enigma: The Code that Changed the War - Nolan N. and Gabe C.

Espionage in the Capitol:The Venona Project - Summer P., Bailey W., and Robin C.

Alternate: Navajo Code Talkers The Unbreakable Code - Maria S. and Rachel A.


Individual Exhibit

Communication in the Underground Railroad - Kathryn S.

Group Exhibit

"Sitting Down To Rise Up," The Montgomery Bus Boycott - Ritika A. and Alissa L.

Amber and Adam: The Voices of the Missing - Emily R., Sawyer S., and Lindsey Z.

"An Unreasonable Silence" The Espionage Act of 1917 - Aidan B. and Kyle B.

Alternate: "Without our language, we cease to be Indian." -Jim Thunder - Sunshine H. and Kristen R.

Individual Documentary

Music and the Movement - Carson P.

The Conspiracy Trial: Chicago 1968 - Olivia S.

“‘It was now up to a single man’ The communication of JFK during the Cuban Missile Crisis” - Arlo G.

Group Documentary

The Unbroken Code- A Story of the Navajo Code Talkers - Brett H., Andrew B., and Ruben M.

Communication Failures Leading to Pearl Harbor - Grace F. and Lacy K.

The Most Trusted Man In America: How Walter Cronkite Communicated The Most Influential Moments of the 20th Century - A. J. W. and Joey M.

Alternate: Calming a Nation in Distress: FDR's Fireside Chats - Madelyn B. and Makayla B.

Group Performance

She Fought, She Spoke, She Was Alice Paul - Abby B., Johanna L., and Audra N.

Communication via Radio: FDR's Fireside Chats - Aryan K. and Benjamin E.

Individual Website

The First Televised Presidential Debate And the Lasting Impacts of Media in Politics - Kendra S.

Relentless Radicalism: Alice Paul's Ambitious Influence on the Women's Suffrage Movement - Emma P.

"I Want You": American Propaganda Posters During World War II - Calum B.

Alternate: The Lavender Scare - Alyssa M.

Group Website

Woman's Suffragism: The Fight to Vote - Amma O. and Aiza K.

How Did The Federalists Papers Impact the Ratification of the Constitution - Grace W. and Sydney R.

Inside the Communications of Apollo 11 - Riley D., Gabrielle G., and Aleah L.

Alternate: The Road to Women's Suffrage: How Parades, Protesting, and Hard Work Led to Women's Right to Vote - Ellora R. and Libby S.