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Minocqua Regional Contest Information | Wisconsin Historical Society

Minocqua Regional Contest Information

  • Contest information for the Minocqua regional contest, including accessibility, schedule, and project submission.


2021 Contest Results


Individual Exhibit

Communication in Education: Malala Yousafzai’s Fight for Girl’s Rights and Education - Robin S.

Shining Light in Dark Places Communication with Lighthouses - Korina K.

Controversy of the Telephone - Abbey P.

Alternate: Rosa Parks - Adison C.

Group Exhibit

The Enigma Machine - Dylan K. and Jacob P.


Rosa Parks: A Woman Who Changed the Lives of Many - Haley R.

The First Industrial Revolution and Child Labor: How Communication Saved Our Future - Hazeley G.

Postal Services, 1775 - Brenna J.

Alternate: Decoding the Flawed Code - Emma D.

Individual Documentary

Pearl Harbor - Ava C.

Native American Boarding Schools - Isabella K.

Group Performance

10 Codes - Madasyn D. and Alex G.

Individual Performance

What We Can Learn From Some of the Most Powerful Orators in History in Order to Improve Our Own Public Speaking Skills - Julie W.

Time Travel Through Art and History - Miles K.

Individual Website

The 1795 Time Capsule - Parker W.

Navajo Code Talkers in WW2 - Natalie R.

Hello Girls - Emalyn M.

Alternate: Hobos in Communication - Sophie K.


Individual Exhibit

Spies, Codes, Sabotage: How D-day Was Won - Kort M.

Group Exhibit

Gay Rights - Parker S. and CJ W.


Communication in the Underground Railroad: The First Civil Right Protest - Timothy S.

Individual Performance

Patsy Cline: Communication Through History - Olivia E.

Individual Website

The Navajo Nation and the Unbreakable Code - Tyler M.

Group Website

Hidden Figures: Communicating Through Science - Casey B. and Nathan Z.

"I Have a Dream" - Charley C., Madi D., and Taylor H.

How The Telegraph Changed History in the Past and the Present - Levi R. and Ayden N.

Alternate: Vietnam War Time Music - Chayce N., Jack R., and Zack K.

Special Award

American Labor History Award: Martin Luther King's Peaceful Protests - Nate Stoltman