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NHD - State Contest | Wisconsin Historical Society

State Contest Information

  • Contest information for the State contest, including accessibility, schedule, and project submission.



Exhibit National Finalists

Junior Individual Exhibit
National Finalist: Julia Child: Communicating Authenticity - Liza K.
National Finalist: The White Rose: A Movement that Defied Adolf Hitler - Isabella D.
1st Alternate: Defending the Document to the Public - Reese B.
2nd Alternate: American Sign Language: Communication Through History - Brianna B.

Junior Group Exhibit
National Finalist:  The Power of Speech: Nazi Germany - Aurora S. and Peyton O.
National Finalist:  FDR's Fireside Chats - Kaia M. and Kirsten R.
1st Alternate: Disney Artists On Strike - Fiona H. and Adriana B.
2nd Alternate:  America's Bloodiest Day: How Communication Played A Key Role At Antietam - Alex F., Miles G., and William R.

Senior Individual Exhibit
National Finalist: Lincoln and the Telegraph: A Civil War Game Changer - Sam S.
National Finalist: Vel Phillips: Key to Improving Housing - Madelyn D.
1st Alternate: Sign Language in the Community Through Time - Isabella F.
2nd Alternate: Telegraph: During The Civil War - Leslie D.

Senior Group Exhibit
National Finalist: The Story of the Code: Navajo Code Talkers - Mable R. and Erica J.
National Finalist: "Sitting Down To Rise Up," The Montgomery Bus Boycott - Ritika A. and Alissa L.
1st Alternate: Amber and Adam: The Voices of the Missing - Emma R., Sawyer S., and Lindsey Z.
2nd Alternate: Dickey Chapelle "Through Her Lens" - Theresa M. and Carolyn S.

Documentary National Finalists

Junior Individual Documentary
National Finalist: Sending A Message: How Postcards Communicated Terror to a Race of Americans - Krin B.
National Finalist: Opening Lines of Communication: Railroads in Western Wisconsin - Amalia D.
1st Alternate: Thomas Gallaudet: Silently Communicating with the World - Anna M.
2nd Alternate: Esther Nisenthal Krinitz: A Holocaust Survival Story Through Embroidery - Julia B.

Junior Group Documentary
National Finalist: The Purple Pamphlet: The Key to Understanding the Johns Committee's Injustices and Its Impact on the LGBTQ Community - Emerson B. and Camilla L.
National Finalist: Communicating Hope, Determination, and Justice Through Song - Kaitlyn S. and Greta M.
1st Alternate: Voyager Golden Record: A Sign of our Past and Uncovering the Future - Kiran S., Charles V., and Alexander K.
2nd Alternate: "They're All Gone": Jim McKay's Terror Filled 1972 Broadcast - Bella G. and Sarah M.

Senior Individual Documentary
National Finalist: The Nightmare of Three Mile Island: A Communication Failure - Madison O.
National Finalist: LO: The People Behind the First Communications in Cyberspace - Levi W.
1st Alternate: The Nine Ounce Winged Warriors: Homing Pigeons - Shruti C.
2nd Alternate: Aloha Wanderwell: With Car and Camera Around the World - Laine S.

Senior Group Documentary
National Finalist: The Most Trusted Man In America: How Walter Cronkite Communicated The Most Influential Moments of the 20th Century - A.J. W. and Joey M.
National Finalist: Rejecting Russification: The Fight to Save the Lithuanian Language - Jennifer O. and Carson Z.
1st Alternate: A Day in the Neighborhood - Jack T., Justin F., James L., and Cash N.
2nd Alternate: The Radium Girls: How Miscommunication Led Them to Their Graves - Abby D. and Liana L.

Performance National Finalists

Junior Individual Performance
National Finalist: Dickey Chapelle: Communicating the Truth of War and the Challenges of Being a Female War Correspondent - Emma M.
National Finalist: Voters, Campaigns, Courts, and Media: The Detrimental Impact of Communication in the 2000 Election - Mairin J.
1st Alternate: The Unbreakable Code - Caleb E.
2nd Alternate: Confederate Communication, How the Lost Cause Changed the Communication About the Civil War - Syd L.

Junior Group Performance
National Finalist: Nellie Bly: Communicating Through Words and Actions to Change the Future for Women - Alexandra G. and Rowan S.
National Finalist: The Lost Stories of the French Resistance - Lilly B. and Annie N.
1st Alternate: The Hello Girls of WWI: Saying "Goodbye" to Sexist Stereotypes and Unjust Military Recognition - Katherine W., Krista W., and Sophia T.
2nd Alternate: Oleomargarine Wars: Wisconsin Dairy Producers Speak Out against the "Demon Spread" - Anna Colette R.L, Leah H., and Grace H.

Senior Individual Performance
National Finalist: The First Amendment and Tinker : Student Speech and Communication - Sandy B.
National Finalist: Feminism during the Cold War: Communication Between Youth and Between Nations - Anna M.
1st Alternate: Patsy Cline: Communication Through History - Olivia E.
Senior Group Performance
National Finalist: Smitty Harris and The Tap Code: The Communication Between POWs That Was Key To Understanding - Elizabeth J. and Sadie A.
National Finalist: Communication via Radio: FDR's Fireside Chats - Aryan K. and Benjamin E.

1st Alternate: Communication During The Age of Imperialism - Nora H. and Katelyn D.
2nd Alternate: The Impact and Allegory of George Orwell's 'Animal Farm' - Maelee B., Max T., Oscar F., Elizabeth B., and Abigail B.

Website National Finalists

Junior Individual Website
National Finalist: Photos are Worth 1,000 Words - Zach K.
National Finalist: End of Dispatch: The Telegram that Changed the World - Sama D.
1st Alternate: Electrical Communication and How it Affected World War I - Alex H.
2nd Alternate: SMOKEY BEAR PUBLIC SERVICE CAMPAIGN: A Message Too Effective? - Reed F.

Junior Group Website
National Finalist: The National Woman's Party: The Fight for Equality - Addison T. and Meredith T.
National Finalist: 1992 L.A. Riots For Reform - Adeline L. and Emma F.
1st Alternate: Cracking Enigma: The Code that Changed the War - Nolan N. and Gabe C.
2nd Alternate: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Communicating Civil Rights On and Off the Court - Hayden B. and Dermot O.

Senior Individual Website
National Finalist: "I Want You": American Propaganda Posters During World War II - Calum B.
National Finalist: The First Televised Presidential Debate And the lasting impacts of media in politics  - Kendra S.
1st Alternate: The Navajo Nation and the Unbreakable Code - Tyler M.
2nd Alternate: Relentless Radicalism: Alice Paul's Ambitious Influence on the Women's Suffrage Movement - Emma P.

Senior Group Website
National Finalist: "The Day the Mail Stopped:" The 1970 Postal Strike - Aidan D. and Simon K.
National Finalist: How Did The Federalists Papers Impact the Ratification of the Constitution - Grace W. and Sydney R.
1st Alternate: Nellie Bly: The Trailblazing Journalist Who Wrote to Change the World - Grace D and Regan H.
2nd Alternate: How Wisconsin Enticed Emigrants in the 19th Century - Allison R. and Olivia D.

Paper National Finalists

Junior Paper
National Finalist: Translation as Communication: Baghdad and Al-Andalus in the Middle Ages - Andrey S.
National Finalist: Failure to Communicate and Represent the Ideas of All Women: How the Second Wave Feminist Movement Excluded Most Groups of Women - Ola O.
1st Alternate: How Milton Friedman’s Doctrine Accelerated the Decline of America’s Historical Social Foundation - Keegan M.
2nd Alternate:  Emmett Till: Honoring the Dead and Communicating the Need for Justice - Isabel O.

Senior Paper
National Finalist: George Wallace: Communicating Political Change - Alan K.
National Finalist: Smoke Signals: The Impact of the 1964 Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking and Health - Robert I.
1st Alternate: Glasnost: The Final Breaths of the Soviet Union - Nathan L.
2nd Alternate: Songs, Quilts, and Code Words: Unique Forms of Communication in the Underground Railroad - Timothy S.

Special Awards

Chronicling America Award (Presented by the Wisconsin National Digital Newspaper Program)

The Great Serum Run of 1925 - Paula G.

The Nine Ounce Winged Warriors: Homing Pigeons - Shruti C.

The Outstanding Archival Research Award (Presented by Carroll Heideman)

Smokey Bear Public Service Campaign: A Message Too Effective? - Reed F.

Dickey Chapelle "Through her Lens" - Carolyn S. and Theresa S.

Equality in History Award (Presented by the UW-Madison Department of History)

The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom: Communication by Peaceful Protest- Ceal G. and Piper G.

Early American History Award (Presented by the Wisconsin Society of Mayflower Descendants)

The Battle of Trenton: How Communication Contributed to the Victory that Changed the Course of History - Fred F.

Cherokee Betrayal and Removal: The Understanding of the Trail of Tears- Gladys B.

Environmental History Award (Presented by Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Kurtzman)

The First Earth Day: Communicating Change - Annie N. and Hattie N.

League of Women Voters Give Green Bay a Clean Sweep - Arielle C., Presley K., and Desiree V.

Wisconsin History Award (Presented by the John C. Geilfuss Endowment)

How Wisconsin Enticed Emigrants in the 19th Century- Allison R. and Olivia

Opening Lines of Communication: Railroads in Western Wisconsin - Amalia D.

Women in History Award (Presented by the Friends of the Wisconsin Historical Society)

Temple Grandin - Sara G. and Stella K.

Relentless Radicalism: Alice Paul’s Ambitious Influence on the Women’s Suffrage Movement - Emma P.

Local History Award (Presented by the Wisconsin Council for Local History)

Slowing the Spread: How Quick Communication Helped Milwaukee During the Spanish Flu - Camila V., Lilah T., and Nora P.

Corruption in St. Paul - Bessie S., Delaney S., Emma F., and Marissa J.

Civil Rights Award (Presented by the Wisconsin Council for Social Studies)

1970s: Working Women and the Pantsuit by Tatiana M.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Communicating Civil Rights On and Off the Court by Dermot O. & Hayden B.

American Labor History Award (Presented by the Wisconsin Society for Labor History)

Blocking Communication:  The Newsboy Strike, 1899 - Jade P.

Disney Artists On Strike - Adriana B. & Fiona H.

Maritime History Award (Presented by the National Maritime Historical Society)

1st Place, Junior Division: The Titanic - Madison D.

2nd Place, Junior Division: Shining Light in Dark Places Communication with Lighthouses - Korina K.

1st Place, Senior Division: Communication Error Costs Many Lives on The Titanic - Scarlett T.